Murfreesboro Lions Club Financial Facts

The Murfreesboro Lions Club is a nonprofit, service-based organization that focuses on helping the Murfreesboro community through services such as eye exams, health awareness, health education and other public health and service initiatives. Many residents of the community might question how the club spends their donations, but the money collected through various fundraising efforts flows throughout the community through the services and goods provided at no cost to local residents.

The Murfreesboro Lions Club does not receive funding or support from the district, state or international offices except when it applies for and receive grants for specific project needs. This usually includes catastrophes involving natural disasters or other devastating events involving the entire community.

In order to understand how the money is collected and spent in the Lions Club, it is important to recognize the two types of accounts that concern the club’s finances: administrative and fundraising accounts.

Administrative Account

The funds that the administrative account holds are collected from the rent charged for private events to use the Lions Club clubhouse located in Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro, and they are also collected from dues paid by local members:

  • $70 per quarter paid individually ($280 per year):
    • From those dues, $43 per year pays for aid and services internationally and $17 per year pays for aid and services in the respected state and district areas

The funds in the administrative account are spent on six meals for members during Lions Club meetings per quarter, utilities and maintenance for the clubhouse, office supplies and other administrative costs. Surplus funds in the administrative account are donated to charitable projects and services performed by the Murfreesboro Lions Club

Fundraising Account

Funds in the fundraising account can only be used for charitable purposes in the Middle Tennessee area. The funds that the account holds are collected through various fundraising efforts (about $25,000 annually), including:

  • Pecan sales, Dining in the Dark, an annual spaghetti dinner, pancake breakfast, and other club fundraising efforts as they are planned
  • Charitable donations from individuals and organizations

A portion of the annual funds raised is given to the District 12S White Cane Fund, a locally operated initiative that serves to distribute funds to various sight and health educational services in the Middle Tennessee area. The funds are also directly given to:

  • Middle Tennessee Lions Sight Service
  • National Federation of the Blind
  • Learning Ally
  • Tennessee School for the Blind
  • Leader Dogs for the Blind

Gifts in Kind

Along with monies collected through donations and fundraisers, the Murfreesboro Lions Club receives services provided at reduced or no charge to Murfreesboro residents in financial need. Some of these services provided include:

  • A 30% discount on medical supplies needed for surgeries and procedures, courtesy of Vanderbilt Medical Center
  • Medical services provided by local doctors and anesthesiologist at no charge to the residents in need

The Lions Club also performs volunteer work and offers various services to the community at no cost to the individuals, including eye screenings for elementary school students in Rutherford County.


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